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What should I do if a customer accidentally pays me directly?

One of the ways you can increase your cash-in allowance (CIA) and reduce you cash-in fees over time is to ensure your customers are paying their invoices via Marmalade. This also creates a better experience for your customers as we are able to process their payments quickly and easily (and reduce your admin time!).

Ensure customers pay into your Marmalade Account:

When you first start using Marmalade it's important to inform your customers that you are now using Marmalade, and in particular advising your regular customers to update their banking details will help ensure you get paid via Marmalade.

We recommend sending an email (we've provided a template below) with the updated details. It's also a good idea to follow-up with a quick phone call to confirm they've updated the details in their payment system. Some customers may require additional information (like a bank statement from us), if so, please let us know and we are happy to help.

Hi CustomerName,

We are now using Marmalade to receive payments. You can pay via credit card, direct debit and bank transfer using the link on your invoice. To ensure your payment is processed accurately, please note our updated payment details below.

If you’d like to pay via bank transfer, please update your records with our new banking details:

INSERT BANKING DETAILS - These can be found at the top of dashboard in your Marmalade Account and is shown in the screenshot at the end of this article

When you make a bank transfer please use the payment reference on your invoice.

Thank you,


The first time you issue an invoice to a customer with the Marmalade branding theme we will send them an email advising them to refer to their invoice for the updated payment details. We will also send them an email if they pay you directly, instead of Marmalade.


Reporting a payment for cashed-in invoice(s) made to you directly (Pay-Direct):

  1. Report the issue in the app, by selecting the appropriate invoice(s) in the 'Invoices tab' and select the option in the side menu to report the pay direct
  2. Alternatively you can let us know by contacting us via your account manager or at support@withmarmalade.com


Repaying the funds to Marmalade:

To repay the funds to Marmalade you can either remit them back to us directly using the bank details at the top of your dashboard

Alternatively you can settle these on your next cash-in using the Marmalade balance.


It's important to follow-up with these customers and ask them to update the details for future invoices to ensure you are able to cash-in their invoices in the future.