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Managing Unpaid Cashed-in Invoices

You may have noticed that when a cashed-in invoice goes long overdue, we contact you to find out why. Your response allows us to take the appropriate action. Now, instead of us reaching out to you; you can inform us on long overdue invoices via the Marmalade Platform.

What if I don’t respond?
Every industry is different and there are many reasons why an invoice may become overdue, but 30 days is a long time with no explanation. So, until you advise us of a reason for invoices that are 33 or more days overdue, you will lose access to cash-in.

When and how will my customer get contacted?

Collections Emails:

  • If you selected the option for Marmalade to contact your customer they will receive a notification from us anytime between the day this option is selected and the invoice goes beyond 30 days passed due
  • If you have not selected an option or if the invoice is confirmed to still be due and payable by the customer and the invoice goes beyond 30 days passed due the customer will be contacted by Marmalade
  • The first point of contact will be an email gently advising your customer that the invoice is now X number of days passed the due date and request they provide any details as to why this hasn't been paid
  • You will be copied in on this correspondence

What if I don't want you to contact my customer?

  • As you have assigned the invoice to Marmalade by way of cash-in we need the ability to contact your customers to collect our funds and this permission is granted as part of our supplier agreement
  • If you don't wish for us to contact your customer then we would need to revoke the cash-in and you can do this by notifying us and/or selecting the option "I'll settle this on behalf of my customer" on the Marmalade dashboard. If you do this on the dashboard we may follow up with you to confirm why we're unable to contact your customer

Why do I have to put my customer's details in each time?

  • Providing us with the correct stakeholder at your customer's business is important for us to be able to collect the money from them. Contacts on Xero are often general accounts teams so we request the exact individual and their details that you deal with to ensure we can collect the money from them
  • Please note if the customer is uncontactable we won't be able to accept this cash-in and will need to be repaid to Marmalade so it's important you provide the most accurate contact details you have.

What if my customer goes out of business?
No problem. If your customer has gone out of business – we accept the liability – you will not be out of pocket. However, if we have not already detected the insolvency, we will ask you to provide us with additional information.

What if I advise that there is another reason my customer will not pay?
Thank you for telling us; we can handle it. In fact, we reward frank disclosure with better pricing and more invoices available for cash-in. 
The most common reasons your customer will not repay Marmalade the invoice amount are:

  • Your customer disputes the goods or services delivered
  • Your customer has been provided a refund or credit note
  • Your customer paid you directly.

In these cases, we’ve paid you more than what your customers agree they owe you. This is not what we offer. Marmalade is not a loan. We only offer to give you what is already yours, early. Therefore, you are responsible for repaying these funds (note with disputes we will give you 14 days to resolve this with your customer prior to requiring payment).

The total value of the invoices you are responsible for paying will be displayed at the top of the screen when you enter the platform. You can choose to settle the outstanding amount with a new cash-in or from the customer payments we process and pass on to you. For more information on your Marmalade Balance refer to this article here.

What if I choose not to settle an outstanding amount?
We will not allow you to go into significant or long term debt. If you do not settle an outstanding amount within 10 days, Marmalade will settle the outstanding amount from the customer payments we ordinarily process and pass on to you.