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How to See Customer Payments

The Payments page shows any payments that Marmalade has received into your account as soon as they are detected. By clicking on a payment, you can also see how it has been matched to one or more invoices.

When can I see payments received by Marmalade?

Once a payment from one of your Payers appears in your Marmalade account, we immediately notify you and surface the payment to you.

How long does it take for a payment to be returned to my account?

The time it takes for a payment to be returned to your account depends on how long it takes to match it. Marmalade is getting faster and faster at matching payments, so most payments are returned to your account on the same day. However, if a payment is more difficult to match, it can take longer for the funds to be returned to you.

Can I speed up the matching process and get my money sooner?

Yes. If Marmalade is unable to match a payment quickly, you will see a banner on the payment requesting a remittance. Emailing us a remittance to accounts@withmarmalade.com is the fastest way to ensure payments are promptly matched and returned to you. Additionally, you can speak to us about organising a passback service if you want payments that can’t be matched quickly passed back to you.

Why does my payment show 'Payment Pending'?

When Marmalade receives direct debits, it can take up to 5 business days for the bank to confirm that the direct debit payment has been successful. While this process happens, the payment will show as 'Pending'. Once this is confirmed by the bank, it will update to show 'Payment received'.

Why does my payment not say 'Paid out to your account' even though it's been matched?

Sometimes payments are matched to invoices that are cashed in, or are owed to Marmalade. In these cases, the money isn't paid to your account.

What should I do if Marmalade can't match my payment?

In this case, Marmalade has attempted to match your payment automatically and manually and was unable to. The easiest way to help us get it matched is to email us a remittance to accounts@withmarmalade.com.

What should I do if Marmalade can't match a payment and it has been passed back?

See Supplier passbacks for more information.

Why does Marmalade say that my payment was reallocated to settle an outstanding balance?

See Why do I have an Outstanding Balance owing to Marmalade?

What does it mean when Marmalade says one or more invoices belonging to this payment was cashed-in?

When a payment is allocated to a cashed-in invoice, it means that money is owed to Marmalade as you have already received an advanced payment on that invoice from us. You won’t receive the money a second time, and they are paid back to Marmalade instead.

What happens if Marmalade has only partially matched my payments?

When Marmalade has only partially matched an invoice, you will see a small clock icon and the words 'Partial match' next to the payment. A Marmalade payment won’t reflect that it has been paid out to your account until the entire payment amount has been matched. However, if we’ve been able to complete a partial match to an invoice, we will pay those funds out in the meantime - but the state of the payment won’t be marked as 'Paid out to your account' until the entire payment is matched off.

Why does my payment show 'Additional payments'?

This means that Marmalade has previously received payments for this invoice, in addition to the payment we’ve more recently received

Why does my payment show a credit card fee included in the match?

Marmalade is able to request Payers pay fees associated with paying by credit card. In order to show you how the payment balances, we show you that the payment has been matched and that the additional payment was related to the credit card fee.

What does the little tick next to my invoice mean?

That means it’s been completely paid.