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How does Marmalade Reconcile your Payments

Marmalade currently accepts 3 types of payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Direct Transfer


Credit Card Payments:

Credit card payments are handled by our payments partner Stripe and will incur a small fee of 1.75% + 30c which will be payable by your customer if they select this option.

These payments are reconciled automatically to the invoice the customer selected when making the credit card payment and once processed should clear into your account within 1 business day.


Direct Debit Payments:

Direct debit payments are also handled by our payments partner Stripe and will be processed back to you free of charge.

These payments are reconciled automatically to the invoice the customer selected when making the direct debit payment, however, these can take up to 48 hours to process and are dependent on your customer having sufficient funds in the account they nominated to be debited to settle the invoice in full.

If you are experiencing delays with a customer who paid using this payment method, please confirm that they have sufficient funds in their account.


Direct Transfer:

When Marmalade receives a payment from your customer via direct transfer it will clear into our account through your Virtual Bank Account. This account is managed by our payments partner Zepto.

How do we process direct transfers:

We process your payments by reconciling the payment to the appropriate invoice(s) using either:

  • Data from the customer's payment and your accounting platform
  • Remittance information sent by you to our accounts inbox (accounts@withmarmalade.com)

If we are unable to match a payment with 99% confidence our team will notify you that the payment has been received and will request either confirmation on how this is to be allocated or a copy of the remittance advice from the customer. Providing the payment is received before 4pm you should receive this notification the same business day the payment is received.

Once reconciled the funds will be transferred back to you in the next payment run (these occur 6 times a day) every weekday other than national public holidays.

How long does it take for funds to be processed:

Funds typically take 6 hours from the time your customer pays them to clear into your Virtual Bank Account. Once cleared almost all payments are processed within 1 business day of being received.

The time taken for the payment to reach your bank account from the time it was processed by us is generally around 6 hours.

If we are unable to process the payment it will be passed back to you within 2 business days of being received. For more information on how we manage passbacks refer to our article here.

How will I know if my payment has been processed:

Payment information is highlighted in the 'Payments' tab in Marmalade. 

  • New Payment - This is a new payment that has not yet been processed. To speed up the processing time please send a copy of the remittance to accounts@withmarmalade.com
  • If the payment has the 'Customer' field populated this means it has been processed. You can click on the 'View Details' button to see more information of how the funds were allocated and if you should be expecting a payment into your account shortly.

For more information on the payments tab please refer to our article here.

How does Marmalade manage rounding errors:

When Marmalade receives an short payment or an overpayment for an invoice and the amount is less than $1 we systematically manage this on our end.

Short Payments:

  • Cashed-in Invoices: Marmalade will automatically write-off any short payments less than $1 on cashed-in invoices and these will be shown to be fully paid in Marmalade
  • Non-cashed-in Invoices: Marmalade will apply the short payment as part of our reconciliation process but the balance will still show on the invoice in your accounting platform and will need to be adjusted by you


  • All overpayments of less than $1 will be automatically written off, these funds are withheld by Marmalade and then donated to charity on a regular basis

How will this reconciliation look in my accounting platform:

When Marmalade processes a payment we reconcile the payment to the invoice, taking all of the pain out of needing to work out what invoice(s) each payment needs to be allocated to.

This, however, will not reconcile the bank line item in your bank feed. All you'll need to do from your side is match the payment amount in your bank feed from Marmalade with the payment we've applied to the invoice and you're done.