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Xero - Create a Marmalade Branding Theme

To add the Marmalade payment details to your invoices in Xero you need to update your default Branding Theme in Xero.

Log into your Xero Account and navigate to the Invoice Settings page. You have 2 options for creating a Branding Theme in Xero:


Option 1: Update your Default Branding Theme:

The first Branding Theme in the list will be your default Branding Theme, click the 'Options' drop down next your main Branding Theme and select 'Edit'.

This is where you configure how you want your template to look, and what information you'd like to include.  To receive payments via Marmalade, and make your invoices eligible for cash in, you need to include the Marmalade payment details in the Terms & Payment Advice. In your Welcome email you'll find the specific text to use that includes your unique payment reference.

As you'll be using Marmalade to accept payments you'll also need to delete any other Payment Services in the drop down boxes. 

Once you've updated the Branding Theme select 'Save'.


Option 2: Retaining the Existing Branding Theme and Creating a New Marmalade Branding Theme

The first Branding Theme in this list will be the default choice when creating a new Invoice. If you've opted to not make Marmalade the default please raise this with your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to ensure we're able to support your invoicing practices.

If we can support you, you can Choose the "New Branding" theme option and then follow the steps outlined above to create your Marmalade Branding Theme.

We recommend moving the Marmalade Branding Theme to first position by clicking the toolbar and dragging it to the top, while this will ensure new invoices that are eligible can be cashed-in it will limit your ability to cash-in reissued invoices.