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Step 2: Creating a Marmalade Account

Signing up for a Marmalade account is quick and easy. 

  • Create your account
  • Connect your accounting platform

Create your Account

Start the signup process by hitting the 'Get Started' button on our website and following the steps below:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria to confirm your business is eligible for Marmalade
  2. Enter your details on the sign-up page including: Name, role, email, phone, ABN, company name, industry and a password

Connect your Accounting Platform

Next, we’ll connect your Marmalade account to your accounting provider. We do this to learn more about your business needs so we can determine a cash-in limit for you. We’ll also use this connection to know when you issue new invoices to your customers and to update your accounting records when you receive a payment via Marmalade. The setup process will guide you through the steps below:

  1. Choose the appropriate accounting provider (note: we currently support Xero and Quickbooks Online)
  2. Select the organisation you wish to connect and select ‘Allow Access’
  3. Select the bank account you’d like to receive payments into

Marmalade automatically syncs transaction and cash-in fees to your accounting provider, select the expense category you’d like these fees to be categorised as (you can change this later).

Now that you've created your account we'll need to verify you and your business data.