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How Does Marmalade Communicate with my Customers?

To help you and your customers use Marmalade we send the following notifications to your customers:

Automated Communications:

  • Welcome Email - When you issue your first Marmalade invoice* to a customer we'll send them an email letting them know that you are using Marmalade to process payments.
  • Statements - We send statements for Marmalade invoices twice a month on the 6th and 16th working day. These statements include a summary of all outstanding invoices.

Non-automated Communications:

  • Investigations - We've made Marmalade simple and transparent but sometimes our systems will pick up additional information that may increase the risk associated with a cashed-in invoice. If this is the case there may be a delay in processing the cash-in as we'll need to contact your customer to confirm the following:
    • The cashed-in invoice(s) has been received
    • The cashed-in invoice(s) is due and payable
    • The bank details they have on file match those on the invoice
  • Overdue Invoices - If a cashed-in invoice become overdue we may need to contact your customer. You can either give us permission in the product, or if no permission is received and the invoice becomes significantly overdue we will need to reach out to them directly. For more information on our collections process refer to our Article Here.
  • Feature or Product Updates - Occasionally we may reach out to your customers about new features and functionality.

*A Marmalade invoice is an invoice issued with the Marmalade payment details