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The Customers Page

Which of my Customers will show on the Customer page?

All of your Customers that we can identify as ‘Active’ from your accounting platform will show in the list.

What do the stars mean?

Every one of your customer's will now have a rating of 1 to 5 stars based on a core set of criteria and information regarding the primary driver of the rating is now visible in the product. The higher the star rating the more likely the customer's invoices are to be Available or Conditionally available to cash-in. For more information on how the star ratings work, refer to our Article Here.

What is ‘Last Statement sent’ for?

Marmalade typically sends statements twice a month, to any of your Customers that have outstanding invoices. We will show you the date that the latest statement has been sent to that Customer.

What is ‘Statement opened’?

This tells you when the last time your Customer opened the latest statement. This might be useful to you to know whether they have seen the invoices that are due to them.

What is ‘Invoice status’

Invoice status is a quick way for you to determine which of your Customers need your attention the most. This status always shows the most urgent case (e.g. if a Customer has any invoices overdue, the status will show as Overdue).

What is ‘No. of unpaid invoices’?This shows the number of invoices that Marmalade has determined remain unpaid or partially paid based on your accounting platform data and payments processed through Marmalade.

How can I change when the Customer Statements are sent?

We don’t have this feature yet! Let us know via the feedback form here if you want it to be added, as well as any other changes you want to make to the Customer Statements! This is an area we’re interested in improving with your feedback!

What is a Live Statement? What statement does the Customer see?

Marmalades Customer Statements are real time, so they reflect any payments recently made instead of being a static document generated at a point in time. This means, when you click to view the Customers Statement, you are viewing an up to date document. The Customer will also see the same information, and any updates that occur.

What does it mean ‘Your cashed-in invoices show as ‘unpaid’ on the statements?

In your accounting platform, Marmalade marks your cashed-in invoices as paid as you’ve received payment from them, from us. But we don’t want the Customer to think that they’re paid, as Marmalade is still waiting for payment. Because of this, on statements, cashed in invoices still show as unpaid, including when they open the invoice documents.

How can I see specific detail about a Payers unpaid invoices?

When you click on a particular Customer, you will be taken to their Customer page where you can see their information. At the bottom of this area, you will also be able to see their Unpaid invoices list. You can sort and filter this list in a variety of different ways using the drop down menu on the right. Depending on which ‘view’ you select from the drop down, you will get different tabs that also break down the information. Invoices that are due within the timeframe you select will show in the list.

How can I easily send the information about unpaid invoices to my Payer?

The ‘copy table’ button on the left side of the Unpaid invoices area is perfect for this! Simply click the button to copy the table to clipboard and then paste it into your email or spreadsheet!

I don’t want to show my Customers the cash-in status of invoices, how can I take that out?

There is an ‘Hide cash-in’ button next to the ‘Copy table’ button. Clicking this will show or hide the column, and whichever you select will be represented when copying the table.

Last Updated: 5 October 2023