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How much can I cash-in?

The number of invoices you have available to cash-in will be dependent on your Status and your Customer Ratings. Each of these components has a fee associated with it and if the total fee is less than 5.5% the invoice will appear in the Available or Conditionally Available tabs.

Maximising your Status:

Your Status is based on how well you adopt Marmalade and is influence by 3 important practices which are fundamental to being able to convert your invoices into cash without any loans or guarantees:

  1. Issuance: The greater the % of invoices you issue with Marmalade's payment details, the higher your Status
  2. Payments: The greater the % of invoices that your customers pay through Marmalade, the higher your Status
  3. Resolution: Sometimes a cash-in no longer meets the requirements under the supplier agreement and needs to be repaid to Marmalade, the greater the percentage of invoices you settle within the required timeframe, the higher your Status

For more information refer to our Article Here, or if you're in Marmalade, simply click on the 'Status' button in the left hand menu of the Marmalade Dashboard and select Status you're looking to reach for the exact thresholds which need to be met:

Maximising your Customer Ratings:

Your Customer Rating is an indication of how confident Marmalade is that the customer will pay in the invoice to Marmalade on time, the higher the customer's rating the lower the fee will be for the invoice issued to that particular Customer. 

The Customer Rating is primarily driven by 3 factors which we rely upon when making invoices eligible for cash-in:

  1. Regular Customer: Is there a history of invoicing and receiving payments on a regular basis with this customer
  2. Payments on Marmalade: Has this customer paid using your Marmalade bank details
  3. Payments on time: Does this customer have a track record of paying invoices on time

Customer ratings will improve as you and your customers adopt Marmalade and we start to see a regular track record of invoicing and payments through Marmalade, providing they continue to pay on time. For more information refer to our Article Here, or if you're in Marmalade, simply click on the 'Customers' page in the left hand menu of the Marmalade Dashboard and select the Customer you're looking to see the rating of.

How soon can I Cash-in after joining Marmalade?

Once you’ve completed your onboarding steps, generally you should expect to be able to cash-in straight away - either by reissuing some of your outstanding invoices, or issuing new invoices.

How soon are invoices available to Cash-in?

When you issue a new invoice through your accounting platform, Marmalade will immediately assess the invoice and determine whether it’s eligible for Cash-in. This usually happens within a few minutes of the invoice being sent to your customer and the invoice will appear in one of the four tabs on the 'Cash-in' page. If the invoice is eligible for Cash-in you’ll see it in the 'Available' tab, otherwise it will be in either the 'Conditionally Available' or 'Not Available' tabs. For more information on our tabs refer to our Article Here.