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Maximise Your Status


The number of invoices you have available to cash-in will be dependent on your Status and your Customer Ratings. Each of these components has a fee associated with it and if the total fee is less than 5.5% the invoice will appear in the Available or Conditionally Available tabs.

Work through the following articles to understand how cashing-in with Marmalade works and how to maximise what you can cash-in:

  1. Maximise Your Status (you're here)
  2. Maximise Your Customer Ratings
  3. Get to know the Cash-in Tabs

Understanding your Status:

  • Your Status is based on how well you adopt Marmalade and is influenced by factors inside your control
  • Each Status tier has an associated Status Fee: The higher the tier the lower the fee
  • By moving up a tier your Status Fee will decrease and as a result will make more invoices available to cash-in

Factors that influence your Status:

The Status is driven by 3 important practices which are fundamental to being able to convert your invoices into cash without any loans or guarantees:

  1. Issuance: The greater the % of invoices you issue with Marmalade's payment details, the higher your Status
  2. Payments: The greater the % of invoices that your customers pay through Marmalade, the higher your Status
  3. Resolution: Sometimes a cash-in no longer meets the requirements under the supplier agreement and needs to be repaid to Marmalade, the greater the percentage of invoices you settle within the required timeframe, the higher your Status

For more information on what exact thresholds need to be met simply click on the 'Status' button in the left hand menu of the Marmalade Dashboard and click on the Status you're looking to reach:

To see what's driving your current status, refer to the boxes at the bottom of this menu:

Status FAQs:

Why does the percentage get lower, not higher?

The percentage associated with the status is your Status Fee, which when combined with the Customer Fee determines the cost to cash-in an invoice. Therefore the higher the status, the lower the fee.

Is this fee on top of what I’m already paying - Customer's transitioning onto our new Rewards Module?

The new fee structure is not an increase in the price and is just a new representation that is more simple and transparent than the current fee structure. Overall you should see limited increases in the fee required to cash-in an invoice and you now have the ability to influence this fee and reduce it by improving your Status and Customer ratings.

How often does my status get reviewed?

Your status is reviewed at the start of each month and will take into account your invoicing, payments and resolution behaviour from the previous month.

I met 2/3 requirements, why did my Status not change?

In order to move to the next tier the minimum requirements of all 3 components (Issuance, Payments and Resolution) need to be met.

My status got downgraded last month. How quickly can I get my status back?
Our goal is to help you increase your status, not take it away. That's why you can go up an unlimited number of status tiers at a time, but will only ever go down 1 tier at a time. We will also only downgrade your tier if the requirements for the tier you're on are not met for 2 straight months.  When calculating your tier we always look at the previous month’s behaviour when calculating your status so if you rectify any of the issuance, payments or resolution issues and get these back to a higher % your status will reflect this at the start of next month