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Get to Know the Tabs

The number of invoices you have available to cash-in will be dependent on your Status and your Customer Ratings. Each of these components has a fee associated with it and if the total fee is less than 5.5% the invoice will appear in the Available or Conditionally Available tabs.

Work through the following articles to understand how cashing-in with Marmalade works and how to maximise what you can cash-in:

  1. Maximise Your Status
  2. Maximise Your Customer Ratings
  3. Get to know the Tabs (you’re here)

Understanding the Cash-in Tabs:

When you go to cash-in all of your open invoices from your accounting platform will be classified into 1 of 4 categories:

  • Available: These invoices are available for cash-in and you can instantly turn them into cash
  • Conditionally Available: These invoices can be made available by completing the missing contact information or reissuing the invoice with Marmalade
  • Not Available: These invoices are not available for cash-in due to the total fee exceeding Marmalade’s threshold of 5.5%
  • Cashed-in: These invoices have been cashed-in and while they will be marked as paid in your accounting platform they are still payable by your customer

Making Conditionally Available invoices Available:

If an invoice is in the Conditionally Available tab it means we require more contact information or the invoice to be reissued to the customer with Marmalade’s payment details.

Updating Customer Details:

  1. Invoices that require more details will have a ‘Provide Customer Details’ button next to them
  2. To get more information on what details are required you can click on the arrow on the right hand side of the bottom
  3. At the top of this page, you’ll see the reason for the error as shown in the screenshot below:
  4. You can then click on the button to update these details from Marmalade or log into your accounting platform and update the details there
  5. Once done the invoice should move from the Conditionally Available tab to Available

Reissue Invoice:

  1. Some invoices originally issued with your bank details may be eligible for cash-in if you reissue them to the customer with Marmalade’s bank details
  2. The process requires you to have already set Marmalade as the ‘Default’ branding theme in your accounting platform provider
  3. Providing Step 2. has been completed Marmalade will update the bank details on the invoice and reissue to your customer
  4. Once done the invoice will become available for cash-in

Invoices in the Not Available tab:

Invoices in the Not Available tab are there because the sum of the Customer Fee and the Status Fee exceed 5.5%.

This is generally driven by the Customer Fee so reasoning behind why the Customer Fee is high and is causing the invoice to become ineligible is provided on the right hand side of the page.

For details on how to make these invoices available for cash-in please refer to Maximise Your Customer Ratings.

The Cash-in Tabs FAQs:

Why is the Available Now tab less than the value of my open invoices:

This will be because some invoices are in either the Conditionally Available or Not Available tabs. Refer to these sections above for more information on how to move these invoices to the Available Now tab.

Can I make an Invoice that is Not Available, Available Now:

The easiest way to increase the number of invoices in the Available Now tab is to reduce your Status Fee by maximising your Status. For more information refer to Maximise Your Status.

The total amount of Unpaid Invoices in Marmalade doesn’t match my Accounting Platform:

When an invoice is cashed-in Marmalade pays that invoice to you in full less a small fee that is recorded as an expense. As you’re no longer owed this invoice this is marked as paid in your accounting platform, however, the invoice is still payable by the customer. As a result this will show up in the Cashed-in tab as unpaid but will be marked as paid in your accounting platform.

Why is the Cash-in button greyed out:

Invoices where we have been required to verify additional information from the customer directly and have been unable to do so will result in future invoices to that customer no longer being eligible to cash-in. If the customer's details are valid and the invoice has been sent to them please contact our team at support@withmarmalade.com and we can re-attempt the verification process.

The reason provided as to why the invoice is in the Not Available tab doesn’t match this customer’s behaviour?

When Marmalade provides a reason it’s based on your recent interactions with that particular customer and may not factor in all of the history and context you’ve had working with them. This unfortunately is a limitation of Marmalade as we do need to rely on the data we have to determine a customer rating.

If you feel this is still wrong and needs to be investigated please contact our team at support@withmarmalade.com.