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Understanding your Cash-in Availability

Your Available Cash-in Availability (CIA) is based on your last 3 months of invoicing and payments data. To reach your Maximum CIA simply follow the 3 key steps below:

  1. Issuance - 100% of invoices are issued with the Marmalade branding theme
  • Marmalade is a payments processing solution and as a result 100% of invoices need to be issued on Marmalade in order to maximise your cash-in availability
  • Once we have between 1 and 3 months of invoicing data, and as long as all invoices are issued with Marmalade, you will be on track to unlocking your maximum potential CIA

       2. Payments - 100% of payments are processed through Marmalade

  • We understand that not all customers update their payment details as soon as you want them to, but working with your clients to overcome this challenge is important as we need 1 to 3 months of all payments coming through Marmalade in order to unlock your maximum potential CIA
  • Payments from customers also need to be on-time. To ensure that you're able to unlock the maximum potential CIA, review your overdue invoices in the Invoices Page, filter by 'Overdue' invoices and work with these clients to get them paid as soon as possible

      3. Resolution - Resolving issues with cashed-in invoices

  • We understand that things can go wrong or circumstances change after an invoice has been issued and as a result the amount that was cashed-in may not be the same amount payable by the customer
  • In these instances we require immediate notification of the issue or change. Notifying us straight away will ensure any changes to cashed-in invoices don't negatively impact your cash-in availability


How much can I Cash-in?

Your available CIA is based on the 3 factors mentioned above. If you'd like to increase your available CIA work to improve your issuance, payments and resolution behaviour.

Your maximum potential CIA is calculated relative to the size of your business, as your business grows your maximum potential CIA will grow with it.


Can I request a higher cash-in availability?

There is no need to request a CIA increase as these are system generated based on your turnover and the 3 factors mentioned above.

Your maximum potential CIA will only increase as your turnover increases, but your available CIA will increase as you increase your issuance, payments and resolution scores.

How soon will I be able to Cash-in after connecting to Marmalade?

All steps required to enable your first cash-in will be clearly articulated when logging on to Marmalade. In general at least one invoice should be issued on Marmalade and there should be a specified value of payments made through Marmalade.

How soon are invoices available to Cash-in?

When you issue a new invoice through your accounting platform, Marmalade will immediately assess the invoice and determine whether it’s eligible for Cash-in. This usually happens within a few minutes of the invoice being sent to your customer. If the invoice is available for Cash-in you’ll see it listed in the Cash-in page of your Marmalade account almost immediately.